Do you follow back? Nope

Promo for promo/promo me? No sorry

Where are you from? I’m from North Wales in the UK

Are you lesbian? I like girls a lot more than guys

Are you single? Yes

How do you make gifs? Firstly make a video then go to www.blibs.com/editor and  carry on from there

How many followers do you have? 58,000+

Will you check out my blog? Yeah, make sure you blog girls though, I’m not going to follow someone who I won’t reblog from

What do I tag you as? Please tag me as amydanielle as the tagging system doesn’t allow hyphens :(

Do you send nudes/Swap nudes? No

Submit to my blog? No

How many languages do you speak? 2, Welsh and English, Welsh is my first language

Got Kik? I did but then loads of creepers added me on there so I don’t use it any more

Did your hip piercing hurt? It was just shock mostly of feeling the needle go through me, it’s just like a pinch for about 5-10 seconds, then he leaves the needle in you so you have to keep really still unless you want to stab yourself ! When he puts the balls on it it pinches your skin but that’s really it. i did shout “ah fuck!” cause it does hurt a little when he puts the needle in you

Why did you get surface piercing instead of dermals? Dermals are safer. The reason is cause the dermals were £35 each and you only got 1, so it’d look boring with just 1 dermal in my hip, cause my mother would only pay £35. so i went all cheap cause i can’t afford to get 2 and got a surface piercing cause you get 2 balls with that :) 

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