No, you’re hot.

I feel like I look totally different


when im dead sext me through a ouija board

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Anonymous said: How do you like your pizza? Toppings, etc

I said:

I’m boring and only like cheese really. I don’t mind ham or chicken though…that’s about it. Boring girl :(

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Anonymous said: if it wasn't a slice during sex, then it's not worth talking about.

I said:

I wish it was.

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What blogs should I submit
Anonymous said: I like pizza.

I said:

Me too I had one tonight 🍕

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Anonymous said: *In regards to your Frozen video* Ahh see, this is what everyone has been talking about since it's release. So you enjoyed it? :)

I said:

Haha yeah I think it’s really good! I fancy elsa!

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