Anonymous said: We used to chat and you were super cool but I bet you couldn't guess who this is now. If you had 3 guesses I don't think you'd get my first name but that's cool, I still thing your a rad girl. As long as you're not unhappy as sometimes I see stuff you right in here and wonder if something has changed with you ? But hey you don't have to answer that why the hell should you have to explain yourself to anyone. Stay cool x

I said:

Just come off anon

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Anonymous said: How many followers did you lost since you posted that hot fuck?

I said:

Dunno don’t check

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Jennifer Lawrence’s ass is hot too
Anonymous said: Wait, is that really Jennifer??

I said:


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Anonymous said: i bet jennifer lawrence is super thankful that every asshole on tumblr spreads her nudes from her hacked icloud just to add that "she's hot", lol

I said:

Do I seem like I care lol

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Jennifer Lawrence is so hot



those lips // cleavage.

Now I’m actually being serious someone buy me Chinese food pls x thanks x


IG: clothesmindedx3

Who wants to give me money for a Chinese xxxxx