hutch013 said: Did you know you are complicated :-)

I said:

Did you know you’re a loser

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So Ill today :(

I think I’ve just had the best weekend of my life



It’s 6am and I’m so drunk and I have work in three hours this is not fun

whiney girls make me want to throw up and kill myself at the same time

Anonymous said: quick quiz - wheres the best place youve heard "i love you"? was it at tesco? just wondering! honest answers only please!! x

I said:

i love you

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Anonymous said: hey babe :) just anon here! just wondering?

I said:

hey hun! 

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Anonymous said: have you ever had a moth on your lips (vaginal ones)? PLEASE BE HONEST IM BEGGING. also its childish gambino (just in case you offend albinos) (i think childish gambino is an albino though) PLEASE ANSWER MY Q xx (honest answer please)

I said:

yes, one time. no im pretty sure i got the right name. i am answering your question. you’re weird.

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joaquin-ontiveros said: Can you put it a photo form you

I said: 

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